More information on foldaway wall beds

Beds are among the furniture pieces that require a lot of thought. They can dominate a room because of their bulk. You must find one with a suitable design, size and styling as you will use this a lot for many years. There are many types to choose from including the traditional designs, double-deckers, and foldaway wall beds. The last one is particularly suited to small spaces which is what most apartments and other urban dwellings have today. The frame can be raised when not in use such that the mattress disappears to the wall. At night, it can be lowered to get a comfortable sleep.

More information on foldaway wall beds

Bigger Floor Space

This offers several advantages particularly for those who are living in tight spaces. For instance, a studio unit can have a bigger floor space during the day for you to move around and work in. The room doesn't have to feel cramped all the time. You can invite more guests to the house for gatherings without being conscious if they will all fit in. You can also use the space for anything from exercise to hobbies. Enjoy greater freedom of movement with this setup. You will have the breathing room to do more of what you want to without really sacrificing anything.


There are rooms in the house where you can put such a bed to make it pull double duty. For instance, you can turn one room into a home office. If there are friends staying over, then just pull down the bed and turn it into a guest room for them. You can also make the most out of the children's bedroom by installing this. During the day, they can lift it up and put it away so that they have the space to play with all their toys. At night, they can set it back down so that they can sleep soundly.


Although these beds are mounted near the wall, they aren't necessarily bolted onto the structure. There are a lot of ways to install them that doesn't require that much rigidity. They can still be taken out if necessary, such as when the homeowner needs to move to a different house. This can even be installed in apartments where property managers are usually strict about changes made to the interiors. It is a highly flexible solution that you should definitely consider is you want more space in the house.